PIHMA Acupuncture College & Clinic supports its alumni through continuing education classes, social events and more.

Contact Alumni Coordinator Jill Kismet at bta.jill@gmail.com for details.

Message from PIHMA’s Alumni Coordinator:

“Hi, I am Jill Kismet, the new PIHMA Alumni Coordinator and 2010 graduate of PIHMA. I am very proud and excited to take on this role as I believe PIHMA has many outstanding graduates who are serving the communities of Phoenix and around the globe. My goal is to bring our graduates together, highlight their amazing accomplishments, and for us to continue learning as a collective.

After you graduate your journey really just begins. You have the degree, but what is the best way to put this into practice and meet your own vibrant goals? There are many roles a new graduate could take in Asian medicine such as research, their own practice, working at a spa, a hospital, a cruise ship, or an integrated clinic. How does a person come upon those opportunities and/or create an opportunity? This can be challenging, but by providing a network of others and their experiences, we, as graduates can move faster to reach our goals of serving others using Asian medicine.

Because I believe that acupuncture is serving a tiny fraction of those who live in AZ and elsewhere, what you can do with your degree is truly limitless. Just from what I see in my practice, more than 80% of the patients I see are trying this modality for the first time. This means we are only competing to bring this to the forefront of healthcare as a useful and powerful medical tool, not with each other.

Because I am spending just a few hours a month as the PIHMA Alumni Coordinator I hope many of our graduates will contact me and get involved. My hope is to have speakers come give us practice management advice, develop informal case discussion groups on our more interesting clients, and to have happy hour mixers for us to meet new alumni and connect.”