2012 PIHMA Newsletters

Oak Trees In the Snow at DawnDecember 2012

We pay strong attention to staying in balance during the holidays in our December 2012 newsletter. PIHMA Alumni, Annie Porter, L.Ac., advises us to spend time outdoors to de-stress and is is mentioned in an AcuTake blog post, we get a perspective on dry needling from one of our students, and an article in AZCentral.com proves that acupuncture works. The cooler temperatures bring the threat of a cold or flu so we spotlight Sang Ju Yin Wan, or Clear Wind-Heat Teapills, which help to clear heat and relieve cough. Read more.

acupunctureNovember 2012

In PIHMA’s November 2012 newsletter, we explore Asian Bodywork Therapy qualifications and host the Assessment and Treatment Upper and Lower Crossed Syndromes seminar with Matt Callison, a continuing education course for Licensed Acupuncturists. Our monthly Herbal Spotlight is Gui Zhi Tang, a Cinnamon Twig Decoction created from raw herbs from our Herbal Dispensary, which harmonizes the body’s qi (internal energy). We continue to promote our new patient referral program, Acu-Detox Clinic, and community movement classes. Read more.

Feng Shui GoldfishOctober 2012

PIHMA invites prospective students to its Fall Open House to explore the world of acupuncture and Oriental medicine and quotes Karen Lamb, “A year from now you will wish you had started today.” We continue to offer community Acu-Yoga, an inner journey blending of yoga, QiGong, acupressure, foot fitness, sound and centering, with Kat Myers and $10 Acu-Detox treatments. New events are announced, Welcome to the World of Feng Shui, Feng Shui & Fashion, and Integrative Approach to Cardiovascular & Endocrine Health with Michael Gaeta all in our October 2012 newsletter. Read more.

gradSeptember 2012

Congratulates to the graduating class of 2012! Acupuncture is listed as the number three part-time job with an annual median salary of $44,200, Dr. Mercola promotes acupuncture as an essential component to optimizing joint health, and PIHMA partners with the Yunnan University of Traditional Medicine in Kunming, China in our September 2012 newsletter. PIHMA recognizes National Healthy Aging Month with the herbal formula Huan Shao Wan (Return to Spring Teapills), a great kidney tonic which treats premature aging conditions, and a 25% off all bottled formulas clinic special. Read more.

42-16773498August 2012

With the summer Olympics going on, PIHMA’s August 2012 newsletter contains articles on how acupuncture and Oriental medicine helps athletes in a variety of ways. We also spotlight the herbal formula Si Jun Zi Tang Wan (Four Gentlemen Teapills) which is designed to counteract the physical and emotional effects of athletic lifestyles by strengthening the body’s physiological functions. New seminars and courses, Reflexology: Best Foot Forward for Health, Weight Loss & Metabolism Balancing Course, and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and Relaxation Program, are offered to the public. Read more.

Auricular (box)July 2012

PIHMA expands with a daytime track adding weekday classes to its curriculum, promotes the summer movies series with free showings of 9000 Needles and Forks Over Knives, and congratulates student interns for the positive feedback received from patients in our July 2012 newsletter. We also spotlight herbal product Long Dan Xie Gan Tang (Gentia Drain Fire Formula) which drains fire (internal body heat) and damp-heat improving conditions like headache and inflammation. Our Acu-Detox Clinic and Acu-Yoga class continue to be offered to the public. Read more.

Tai Chi - we own it!

June 2012

It’s National Men’s Health Month! PIHMA’s June 2012 newsletter shares a fascinating fact that women are 100% more likely to seek out preventative health services than men. To support the health of the men in our community, we offer half off treatments during the month of June. We announce the continuation of community movement classes, Acu-Yoga and Tai Chi are held at PIHMA every week, a FREE summer movie series, and spotlight Southern Ban Lan Gen Chong Ji Tea in observation of National Iced Tea Month. Read more.


May 2012

PIHMA recognizes Nurse’s Week, spotlights Reevis Mountain Remedies, herbal products that relieve pain from insect bites, and praises student interns for their remarkable work in the clinic in the May 2012 newsletter. Three new seminars are announced, Cancer Support and Prevention with Michael Gaeta, Reflexology: Best Foot Forward for Health, next in PIHMA’s mini-seminar series, and Clinical Aromatherapy. PIHMA President, Catherine Niemiec, JD, L.Ac., says goodbye to Board Chair, Lucia Chow with a heartfelt message. Read more.


April 2012

PIHMA hosts another Open House for prospective students and is ranked #10 on Phoenix Business Journal’s “The List”; both covered in PIHMA’s April 2012 newsletter. A New Weight Loss and Metabolism Building course, taught by PIHMA student Felicity Kelly, is announced and we spotlight the herbal formula Pe Min Kan Wan (nose allergy pills), a perfect remedy to allergies this time of year. PIHMA attends Earth Day Phoenix, an annual ecofriendly event held in downtown Phoenix. Read more.


March 2012

The National Library of Traditional Medicine’s first Book Fair, another installment of our mini-seminar series, Achieving Wellness Using Mind-Body Modalities, and a Korean Hand Therapy seminar are announced in PIHMA’s March 2012 newsletter. Also included is an article on nutrition to support National Nutrition Month. With the U.S. national obesity rate being over 25%, we felt inclined to educate the public about how nutrition acts as a healing agent from a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) standpoint. Read more.


February 2012

Gung Hay Fat Choy! (Best Wishes & congratulations! Have a prosperous & good year!) We celebrate the Chinese New Year and observe Wise Health Consumer Month with a discounted package special in our February 2012 newsletter. A continuing education class, Practicing Acupuncture Beyond the Books, for Licensed Acupuncturists is announced, we introduce George Munger, MSOM, L.Ac., to PIHMA’s professional clinic, and spotlight the herbal formula Dan Shen Huo Xue Wan, which benefits heart health by invigorating the blood and expelling toxins, in observation of National Heart Health Month. Read more.


January 2012

PIHMA’s January 2012 newsletter features an article on how acupuncture is proven to be effective in assisting patients with weight loss. Acupuncture can influence the obesity hormones that regulate fat storage and help control thirst and hunger. Because we believe so strongly that acupuncture and herbal supplements can help with weight loss, we offer a Weight Loss Package – 10 treatments for only $200 – to be used in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise program. Also mentioned in this issue are upcoming seminars at PIHMA and our movement class schedule. Read more.

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