2011 PIHMA Newsletters

GiftsDecember 2011

PIHMA’s December 2011 newsletter asks member of the acupuncture community to “Take Action” by sending an electronic letter to congress to help get acupuncture recognized as an “essential health benefit.” We offer a CPR class to the public and inform readers of our community involvement with health and wellness events and expos. Cinnamon Bark, or Rou Gui, is spotlighted as the herb of the month because of its popularity in holiday drinks and abilities to rid pain due to the common cold. Read more.

Elderly Man Practicing KarateNovember 2011

Because movement is essential to life, the main focus in PIHMA’s November 2011 newsletter is on Asian exercises. We offer an Introduction to Asian Exercises course where participants can learn about improving strength, coordination, balance and flexibility and spotlight the Qi Gong move, called Push Up the Heavens, where you exhale as you raise your arms above your head. As Dr. Mehmet Oz says, “If you want to be healthy and live to be 100, do Qi Gong.” Read more.

PainOctober 2011

In observance of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Day (AOM Day), PIHMA throws its annual celebration featuring live music, herbal teas, complimentary acupuncture treatments, Tai Chi classes and demonstrations of modalities such as Tui Na, Gua Sha and cupping. We also encourage members of the acupuncture community to attend the Arizona Society of Oriental Medicine & Acupuncture’s (AZSOMA) Fall Conference and introduce a new pain management seminar in our October 2011 newsletter.

DSC02936September 2011

PIHMA’s September 2011 newsletter focuses on the effects of acupuncture for pain relief as September is National Pain Awareness Month. An article written by PIHMA’s Clinic Manager explains how acupuncture works by releasing endorphins, the body’s natural pain killers. We spotlight Yan Hu Suo, or Corydalis Rhizome, known as the “The Pain Reliever” herb. Lastly, and we feel most importantly, we congratulate the graduating class of 2011. We are proud of our newest batch of healers!

Copy of 9000 NeedlesAugust 2011

In our August 2011 newsletter we promote the free screening of 9000 Needles, community movement classes, and a Five Element Seminar taught by Lonny Jarrett. We introduce the newly formed PIHMA Alumni Network along with PIHMA Alumni Coordinator, Jill Kismet and provide further explanation of our Practice With Passion: Holistic Nursing Professional Advancement Series. Friday night and early morning clinic specials are offered and a patient referral program is implemented.

BridgeJuly 2011

July’s Newsletter introduces a new course on our already impressive curriculum called Thriving as a Practitioner…Entrepreneurial Skills for Acupucnturists, which is eligible for both students and alumni. Also included in this month’s issue are discounted rates to our acupuncture community at North Phoenix Baptist Church Family Life Center Health Club, a call to our patients for their acupuncture success stories and the announcement of PIHMA’s newly designed and updated website. Read more.

Holistic Nursing ImageJune 2011

In our June 2011 Newsletter we join Local First Arizona, an Arizona nonprofit on a mission to support local businesses, start a FREE Summer Movie Series, celebrate Men’s Health Week, and announce a Fortune Cookie Contest. Also, PIHMA’s Practice With Passion, Holistic Nursing Professional Advancement Series is explored, monthly clinic specials are offered and the movement class schedule, including Yoga, Acu-Yoga, Stretch and Renew, Tai Chi and Qi Gong. Read more.


In PIHMA’s May 2011 Newsletter the Holistic Nursing Program is launched, the winner of a drawing held at the Scottsdale Anti-Aging, Wellness and Yoga Festival is announced, and the raw immune system building herb Huang Qi, or Astragalus Root, is spotlighted. PIHMA also celebrates National Women’s Health Week and Nurses Week by offering a clinic special to nurse practitioners and women, invites prospective students to an Open House, and offers community movement classes. Read more.

Copy of April 2011 - DucksApril 2011

PIHMA encourages members of the community to visit the campus to view newborn ducklings, take advantage of clinic specials in recognition of National Stress Awareness Month, and spotlights the ‘happy herb’ known as He Huan Pi – Mimosa in the April 2011 Newsletter. Also mentioned are Earth Day Phoenix, Scottsdale Anti-Aging, Wellness and Yoga Festival, PIHMA’s Open House and the start of Community Movement Classes. Read more.

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